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Tuscaloosa Surgical Associates, P.C.

1837 Commons North Drive
Tuscaloosa Alabama 35406
Office (205) 366-0696
Fax (205) 366-1451

Tuscaloosa Surgical Associates, Surgery in Tuscaloosa Alabama, Ala, AL
Welcome to Tuscaloosa Surgical Associates, 
where excellence in patient care is always our highest priority.

Our surgeons and staff continually strive to improve our practice and patient outcomes by using the latest research-based medical advances and information. The utilization of these innovative and minimally invasive techniques enable us to quickly get you on the road to recovery. The professional and well-trained staff at Tuscaloosa Surgical Associates is dedicated to providing quality medical care delivered with compassion, timeliness, and expertise, with the goal that your entire experience is pleasant, safe, efficient, and improves your daily quality of life.

Our Mission Statement:
To provide the highest quality surgical care, with an emphasis on the most current and effective surgical treatments in a caring and professional environment.

Tuscaloosa Surgical Associates Staff

Tuscaloosa Surgical Associates is proud of our commitment to the people of West Alabama. Simply stated, our promise to provide the very finest in surgical care is our trademark.

Tuscaloosa Surgical Associates is…

     surgery,surgeries,surgury,sergury Dedicated to providing the best care possible to all patients.

     Doctor Tran,Doctor Skip Pridgen,pridgeon,pidgen Committed to using the latest, up-to-date surgical procedures and proven techniques to help your recovery be
complication-free and prompt.

     Doctor Tran,Doctor Skip Pridgen,pridgeon,pidgen Devoted to seeking underlying causes for surgical conditions and exploring possible non-surgical treatments.

     good doctor in tuscaloosa, doctor referral,breast surgery A group of medical professionals whose primary directive is to deliver the highest level of care – both before and after your
surgery, and make certain your experience results in a better quality of life for you. 

Tuscaloosa Surgical Associates, P.C.
1837 Commons North Drive
Tuscaloosa Alabama 35406
Office (205) 366-0696     Fax (205) 366-1451

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