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Gastrointestinal Research

In a busy surgical practice, one cannot help but notice the enormous number of chronic illnesses that plague our patients and friends. Day in and day out, I perform successful surgical procedures only to find a great many patients complaining of a recurrence of symptoms and no pathology to explain it. Even when their initial symptoms respond to the procedure, they often complain of a continued worsening of several other gastrointestinal problems.

This site will present a totally new concept that I feel could explain the slow deterioration of one’s GI tract. First, I must tell you that I tried very hard to take time out of my very busy practice to try to apply sound scientific principles to my observational study. I carefully selected a population of patients suffering from irritable bowel disease, gastroparesis, colonic inertia, GERD (reflux disease), and acalculus cholecystitis. In most circumstances, these patients had grown frustrated with the ineffectiveness of their prior treatment regimens.

I offered them an antiviral therapy that has been effective in the suppression of many of the species in the family of herpes viruses. Specifically I was targeting the HSV-1 virus. Please read the accompanying manuscript as it explains how I came to such a conclusion and chronicles the results of the treatment of those patients.

My paper was not accepted for publication in the first journal. I have included copies of three peer reviews that were negative for the most part and made suggestions for which I have neither the time nor the personnel. I have opted to place the manuscript on the Internet, as I think it may reach more people that way. My hope is that some bright young mind will see the potential of such a new direction of study. In addition, my hope is that this site will educate patients about why modern medicine may have failed them so far.

My study group as of August 2007 includes about 275 patients who have been treated and the trends of success still approximates the initial results of the first 74 patients.

What I am most certain of is that this virus could explain why the patient’s GI tracts begin to deteriorate. Patients who suffer from irritable bowel disease have the highest rate of marked clinical improvement; and of those patients with a history of both irritable bowel and fibromyalgia, 29 of 30 patients I have treated are drastically improved, some for up to 4 years. I have not figured out the association of this virus (or family of viruses) and fibromyalgia, but the connection is there. Perhaps it is a cousin of HSV-1, such as HHV-6.

I hope this site will prove helpful for my future patients as well anyone else whose health continues to deteriorate despite maximum medical treatment.

Download Biliary and Gastrointestinal Manifestations of the Herpes Simplex Virus, Type I (HSV-I) PDF

If you have questions I can be reached at tsasurgery@gmail.com.

William L. Pridgen M.D

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